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New Showroom in Atherton

About us

Meble Robert company has been founded in 2012, as a micro-enterprise, manufacture of upholstery furniture. From the very beginning we have assigned main priority - high quality of our furniture, that lets us transform into middle-enterprise within only two years. Today we have not only own sewing and upholstery department, also joinery and transport but most of all clear prospects of development. In our offer you can find sofas, sofa beds, corners, armchairs, available in various colours and fabrics. Continuous observation of changing trends in furnishing and careful listening to voice of our customers create our offer, there are classic models, as well as modern sofas, always of the highest quality standards. One of the most important export direction is United Kindgom, where our sofas are very popular. Despite of specific furniture market in UK, we have managed to open two warehouses, around London and Manchester, you are welcome to visit us!

Our customers' assessement: 10 / 10

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